Site and vehicle theft could be reduced by innovative 'ONE-KEY™'

Site and vehicle theft could be reduced by innovative 'ONE-KEY™' tool control App from Milwawkee tools

Milwaukee One Key tool safe App
Thieves will take whatever they can in the time they have available so the easy things to grab are the most likely to be taken, and these include boxes of tools, electronic devices, and power tools.

The Professional Heating and Plumbing Installer reports a frightening statistic that every 23 seconds tools are stolen from a commercial vehicle somewhere in the UK, and that last year saw a 30% rise in tool theft with the total cost of claims rising to more than £2.8m within the trade industry. That's an average value of each claim of £1,626.

Not only have the number of thefts increased, but the way they are carried out has changed. The majority of thefts and break-ins have, until recently, taken place during the night, when many vans are left parked up outside a house, hotel or place of work. More common today, is daytime theft, while contractors are working on-site, or even parked outside wholesalers.

Contractors are less likely to think about security whilst at work during the day, relying on on-site security, or being close-by and constantly back and forth to their vans for tools and equipment. In today's climate, it might be worth considering additional security measures to protect company tools and vehicles during the day such as deadlocks or van safes.

With the ONE-KEY™ App for Milwawkee tools you can add some level of security to your power tools to deter thieves. Paired with tracking, the Integrated Tool Security facility provides protection against theft with features such as tool lock-out. If your tool is lost or stolen, you can render it useless by sending a remote command to the tool to shut itself off the next time it comes within range of any ONE-KEY™ App.

But its not just an added security device. The Inventory Management facility on the ONE-KEY™ App creates a central dashboard to track all tools and equipment across a network of jobs and users. Contracting companies are able to maintain detailed records of all their tools, and have instant and easy information-sharing between the site(s) and office by assigning locations and owners to each item.

Additionally, the Tool Control facility allows the user to harness the power and speed of M18 FUEL™, and completely configure tools around the work being carried out. The ONE-KEY™ App can wirelessly sync with drills to program custom speed and torque settings directly into the tool’s memory. 

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