Buying online saves you time and money

With over 14,000 products to buy online from a single supplier you will benefit from saving time by producing only one Purchase Order, your Accounts Dept. will thank you because they will only need to pass one invoice* and you by saving time you will save money.

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Easy On-Line Ordering
Compiling an order is easy with a product structured catalogue. You can log-on, find the product, place an order in minutes and log off, it's that simple.

Stock Availability
Displaying our overnight stock figures from our systems enables you to check before visiting to pick up those essential items. When we show that we have 51,257 5mm washers, we probably do have 51,257 5mm washers. Those products without stock are available to order and usually supplied within 5-7 days.

Technical Information
Technical Information is provided for products and Technical Data Sheets and Material Data Sheets (COSHH) are being updated and uploaded on a regular basis.

Special Offers
Every month we have over one hundred items on special offer saving you money. Look in our Special Offers Folder.

Still not convinced, want even more benefits
All account Customers can have a free to use Login and Password setup. We link this login and password to your Account so you can buy online and see the same Account information our Sales Consultant do.

Real Time Pricing
All pricing is real time, Use your login to see your specially negotiated terms and prices.

Order by Your Part No.
Give us a list of your part numbers and we will link them to our system. This enables you to use you own part numbers when phoning / faxing an order, saving you time.**

Invoice History
Use your login to view and print copies of Invoices / Statements. Our system contains several years of invoice history.

Order Status
Use your login to view any outstanding order and its status

I'm loving the benefits but I prefer to talk to someone
That's fine also, we have a team of trained Sales Consultants available Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 4.30pm, simply call : 03300 535598

The benefits are great, the Staff are helpful and friendly but I need the items NOW.
Not a problem, we exist in the real world too and have done for over 50 years and a combined total of 500 years of staff experience to get what you want when you want it.
Whiffler Road, Norwich NR3 2AY

*   Request consolidated invoices
** This feature is currently unavailable on our website